These are the heart touching words to his lover from a far distance…..the undying love they have its something distance can’t actually be a barrier to. You know i once had a lover of such, she goes by the Eucharia…at first we were not that far and as time went on the distance between got so much that it actually threatened out relationship

Actually we did hold up for long but at a time lack of trust and distance issues started getting the best of us. We couldnt hold ourselves much longer and we gave up…..that day happened to be the worst day of my life….

And to you, never allow these things and others to break your wonderful relationship….my words to you are crystal clear…

SEX before Marriage: Evaluating the arguments

A great percentage of young people and unmarried adults have experiences in petting and sleeping together. although this is widely accepted, rarely does anyone discuss the reasons motivating young people and adults to enter an intimate sexual relationship outside marriage. instead of building a case for premarital sexual involvement, proponents are as likely to disparage tat “superfluous legal document”. the marriage license.
“The sex drive is a basic, natural need that demands satisfaction. this need is a given and is unaffected by age, by sex of by law, custom and morality.” Somehow this statement sounds convincing just like its logical conclusion, “so it is unnatural and inhuman to block the sex drive. If there is an opportunity to satisfy sexual need, use it!”
But note that anyone who oversimplifies sex as a typically human and irresistible phenomenon of nature will soon fit Eugen Roth’s brilliant description in his poem “The Waster”
His love affairs they came and went
He never knew quite what they want
The love cam unexpectedly
That is what love is meant to be.
The man searched deep withing his soul
Where love had been he found a hole.
Tragically, such a “waster” can fool everyone and even himself or herself by disguising selfishness as love.
The small advantage of having had a little more sexual experience is over shadowed by great disadvantages. once the irreplaceable time of waiting and courting is lost, tenderness and sexuality have no opportunity to develop and the need for consideration, caring and responsibility is greatly diminished. Some young people use sexual experience as a means to freedom.Some have even tried to get away from home by having a baby. As understandable as this desire for freedom is, it is a bad reason for having sex or getting married.
The negative side effects of this freedom and liberalization, however are numerous, and they are at least as harmful as the dishonest prudery of earlier times. Pornographic films openly propagate perversion and brutality. Advertisement in newspapers and magazines are no longer merely suggestive:the overwhelming majority emphasize the interest in impurely sensual pleasure.
The opportunities for sexual contact are abundant, whether through massage parlors or mate-swapping or gay bars. Sex shops offer a wide selection: Besides the pornography in films, pictures and literature, there is an electric dido that represents an unequivocal invitation to masturbation for lonely or neglected women.
Such manifestations of the sexual revolution arouse curiosity about atypical and abnormal behavior in love and sexual relationships.

Relationship goals

Many young guys and ladies have failed to understand what requirements are needed for a good and healthy relationship.
People force themselves into loving someone without knowing what it takes to love,a person falls in love for either of these two things; for the materialistic and financial part of it and for sharing love and trust. Walking down the streets i find teenagers hanging around and courting themselves, two things are involved its either for lustful pleasure or to find true love.
There are three things that builds up a good relationship and its really fascinating the way they work together, they are; trust, care and understanding. These three helps builds up something i wouldn’t call a “perfect relationship” but best said as a “good relationship”
speaking of having sex to prove your undying love for a person is actually the most dumb thing to do actually, it will entice you to know that while others do it to find love some do it to keep the love they have found.
One thing is certain my friends; LOVE CAN NOT BE PROVED BUT CAN ONLY BE EXPERIENCED.